Offline Trading
Adam provides equity brokerage and trading services to retail and institutional clients through an experienced team of equity dealers. Clients have the option of trading on a discretionary or non-discretionary basis.

Online Trading
Adam Securities also offers the facility of online trading of equities and derivative through its web portal TradeXS. TradeXS is a java based on-line trading platform which allows clients worldwide to access the KSE, see real-time rates and trade online. The trading platform used by Adam Securities is the pioneer platform offered for online trading in Pakistan and continues to be the most technologically advanced system available currently

Portfolio Management
Adam Securities also helps its customers devise their respective portfolios keeping in view their long and medium term investment objectives and risk profile.

What is a margin deposit?
Clients allowed by Adam Usman Securities to trade in excess of their cash or portfolio balances are required to maintain a margin deposit in order to cover the level of trading exposure. The margin is the client's equity in the value of the portfolio or trading position. The client's trading limit is set at a multiple of the margin deposit. Margins can be in the form of cash and/or shares. However, margin shares must be on our list of marginable stocks.

Private Placement
Adam Securities through its extensive contacts can help clients privately place security offering including equity, debt and Islamic Shariah compliant instruments

Corporate Finance Privatization
To cater to diverse corporate finance needs of the corporate sector, Adam through its Corporate Finance Unit has the capacity to structure and undertake complex corporate finance and privatization transactions.

Adam provides underwriting services both as lead underwriter or as a consortium member to companies offering shares to investors. Adam through its directors has the ability to generate client interest in upcoming IPOs and solicit foreign interest in various security issues.

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