Account Opening Form

You can invest and trade in the stock market through Adam Usman Securities (Pvt) Limited recognised by PSX and licensed by the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).

For any further information and queries regarding the Account Opening Process, please get in touch with
Adam Usman Securities (Pvt) Limited at +92 21 32470550 – 51.

  for Account Opening Checklist:  
Enclosures (for individuals):

1. Copies of CNIC, SNIC, NICOP, ARC, POC and / or passport.
(Main Account Holder, Joint, Nominee)

2. Poof of mailing / permanent address. (Utility Bills)

3. Proof of Occupation / Source of Income.
(Salary Slip, Wealth Statement, Comapany Letter, Visiting card)

4. IBAN Number. (24 Digits)

5. Zakat Declaration. (Stamp Paper C-Z 50 Format)

6. Registered Mobile Number.

7. Email Address.

8. 02 Witness & Valid CNIC

Enclosures (for corporate entities):

1. CNIC / NICOP of Authorized Signature and All Directors.

2. Certificate of incorporation and / or certified copies of constitutive documents.
Certificate of commencement of business, if applicable.

3. NTN Certificate.

4. List of Director as per latest Form 29 filled with Commission.

5. Copy of Latest Form - A filled with the Commission.

6. Memorandum and Articles of the Company.

7. Incorporation Certificate.

8. Certified Copy of Board Resolution.

9. Any Lisence Issued by a Regulation Body in case of Specialized Companies.

10. Commission Slab. (Company Letter Head).

11. Annual Income / Audited Financial Statement.

12. Board Resolution for opening the Account and authorizing the relevent official to operate the account along with copy of CNIC of such official.

13. Where the Customer is a non-resident or foreign company / entity, duly consularized copy of Board Resolution / Power of Attorney along with constitutive documents and list of Directors attested by the Consul General of Pakistan having Jurisdiction over the Customer.



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